Experts and Parents throughout the world agree that children are individuals and should be treated as such.

At Smart Study Center we create flexible study environments, which in turn create the space and environment for children to develop.

Our preocesses are designed to accelerate the programs on your child’s stronger points, and increase retention on the areas they need more focused help with.


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Grade R-12 learners welcome. We have rgulaar classes and teachers for you to interact with.


Cambridge syllabus from ages 5 and up are available for new or current students wanting an international syllabus.


Powerful extra lessons, camps, access to sport, creative arts, music, and cultural leadership experiences is all part of our leadership journey.


Our leadership Pillars

Tertiary Exemption Bursary

To qualify for our tertiary bursary, learners need to take ownership of the following pillars in their lives.


Leaders take responsibility for transformation and rehabilitation of their communities.


Personal well-being

Leaders understand the importance of living healthy, active lifestyles to keep themselves functioning at optimum levels


Leaders know that through focused use of their time, their education journey can be enjoyable and excellent.


Leaders understand that an emotional release in an artistic endeavor can not only keep their minds and spirit healthy, but will also positively benefit the world around them.


Leaders understand that financial success is not a personal defining characteristic, but a fruit of planning, discipline, and resilience. And it is to be leveraged as a tool for empowering our families and communities.

Culture and history

Leaders understand that their culture, personal experiences, and passions make them unique, and it’s up to them to let the world know who they are and how they can make a positive difference.

Max students per school

Estimated Rand Value of bursaries we project to payout by 2030

Targeted number of schools in SA

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Telephone: 062-100-3863


School Hours: M-F: 7:30am - 6pm

Non-Discrimination Policy

No Smart Study Center, nor any of our suppliers and partners will discriminate against anyone based on Gender, Age, Race, or Ethnicity.

If you feel that you, your family, or someone you know have been discriminated against in any way by anyone affiliated with Smart Study Centers please report this to, and we will investigate. Please note we take every case very seriously.