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Pretoria Northern Suburbs

139 Melt Marais Str, Wonderboom AH,

Annlin, Pretoria, 0083

062 100 3863

School Hours

M-F: 7:30am – 6pm
Saturdays: 9am-12pm


Pretoria Eastern Suburbs

37 Lynnwood Rd, Brooklyn,

Pretoria, 0011, South Africa

062 100 3863


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Frequently Asked Questions

What locations are you?
We are currently service the Eastern Suburbs of Pretoria from our Brooklyn Campus, and we service the Northern Suburbs of Pretoria via our Campus in the Wonderboom Agricultural Holdings.

Centurion will be in effect during 2019, we just don’t have a final date for launch yet. You are more than welcome to send us a request via our message form and receive communications of our progress.

Do you use qualified teachers?
All our teachers are qualified and, where necessary, SACE registered
Is there transport available for my child?
Smart Study Centers don’t take responsibility for any transport of children. We do however have relationships with companies approved by us. You can request their details from any staff on the premises, or by emailing is at
Can we buy a franchise?
Smart Study Centers are not a franchise opportunity. We take the quality of our schools and education very important, and we do not allow anyone other than our trained teams to run any center
What hours are you open?
Our school hours are from 7:30am to 2pm. The school gates open from 6:30

We open for Extra Lesson students from 2pm – 6pm M-F, and 9am – 12pm Sat.

Do you teach the South African Curriculum?
Our extra lesson classes use CAPS, NSC & IEB curricula. (South African Education System). This gives you access to South African universities

Our full time school use both CAPS (South African) or CambriLearn(British International) curricula. You can choose which one you want to go with, our staff can assist you with any queries you might have.

Can my child start in the middle of the year?
Yes, your child can join us at anytime during the school year.
Does my child have to do an assessment?
Yes, we will do an entry assessment, as well as continuous assessments during the year.
Does my child start in the equivalent grade he currently is?
For the CAPS syllabus your child will carry on with the grade they are currently in.

If you switch to the International Syllabus, we have assessments that help determine where your child is academically, then we will advise in what stage he/she will be placed.

Do not worry, we’ll make sure that no time is lost on your child’s education.

Are there other activities for my child? Like a government school would have.
We have advisers and trained staff for you to talk to. We do have various activities for your child, and if there is something we don’t have that you want, we will help you find a place for your child.