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Our academic approach is focused on equipping your child with a stimulating and smart environment within which to lay their tracks to holistic educational success.

Starting from R129 per month

Success for your child is not an option. The route taken has to be tested and customised till they are successful.

Ages 5 and up

We Know How to Make Learning Intuitive For Kids

When the adults in a child’s life approach his or her growth as a collaboration following a clear developmental path, every child will have a better chance at a life filled with choices and the skills to achieve goals.

Children will be engaged in learning and will internalize the academic side when we are also helping them work to develop in multiple ways.

Jenny Nagaoka, lead author of the Foundations for Young Adult Success: A Developmental Framework and deputy director of the University of Chicago Consortium on Chicago School Research (CCSR)

Primary Lessons

Primary Lessons

Ages - Pre-school to age 12

(All Curricula)

Our lessons pre-primary and Grade R lessons combined cover more than 230 skills.

Add an additional 1600 skills and your child has graduated through our primary levels


High School Lessons

High School Lessons

Ages 13 and Up

We cater for all school ages and provide both the CAPS and IEB curriculums (South African) as well as the Cambridge syllabus (UK international).

Foundation phase children get academic assistance in the international syllabus.

Talk to one of our advisors today to see which best suits your needs.

Supervised Lessons

Supervised Lessons

CAPS, IEB, and Cambridge

We offer day rates, as well as weekly, and monthly rates for parents who need assistance with their children while they are at work.

You choose what assistance you need from us. We have the completely customisable solution for you, including holiday programs.


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