Smart Study Centers offer various opportunities for improving your child’s schooling career.

Though our Smart Centers physical premises are in Pretoria at the moment, we are available online to all who need it..

At our learning centers you will find the following facilities:

Home Schooling Support:

We have dedicated infrastructure and Tutors available to support your Home School needs. If you child needs to do mock exams, sit with a Maths or English specialist advisor (Science and other subjects are covered too), or if they just need a focused school environment to work from, then we have the space for your child to sit and learn, as well as get schooling support.

Learning Center:

Our Smart Study Center provide a full school environment for your child. We have the following packages available:

  • Part time

    • Book days for your child to be under the learning center supervision.Payable daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Full-time:

    • Your children spend the full school day at our center, under the supervision of our Student Advisors
  • Supplementary:

    • Students are supervised the full work day, till their parents come and pick them up, and included in the price is supplementary schooling / extra classes.
  • Extra Lessons / Supplementary Schooling: (Interactive, child is not under stress or over-worked.)
    • Our extra lessons for Grade 4-12 include:
      • Mock exams
      • Extra Maths
      • Extra Science
      • Extra English
      • Extra Afrikaans
      • Extra history
      • And many more subjects to support your child through their school career