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Children Need To Be Active Because:

They will be healthier

They manage stress better

Discipline is reinforced

Relationships are cultivated

Social environments stimulate teamwork 


Our Approach:

Our activities have been created to make sport accessible to all skill levels.

The sports training is beyond just exercise, but includes practical life lessons too

We host our own private leagues, as well as enroll in school and club leagues.

Homeschool children, as well main-stream school children are welcome.


Let’s GO

Get IN Shape

Real Work. Real Results.

Certified Coaches

All our coaches are qualified in their respective fields. We sit on all league councils that we participate in, and make sure that your child will get a chance to play.

Sport & Wellbeing

Children need a safe place to socialise and exercise. Our different clubs have something for all the children. There is no need for any sibing to be left out.


All our clubs are able to take part in both school and club leagues. If your child wants to have fun orcompeteat our highest levels, they will find a place in the Smart Sports Academy.

Courts and Fields


Pretoria East

We host our clubs primarily in the East of Pretoria. We find this to be central and accessible from the Western, Northern and Southern suburbs.



Does your club / school want to affiliate with us

If you have a club or school, and want to affiliate with us to be abe to take part in our leagues or utlise our coaching resources, please feel free to contact us.

Why Join

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Not only are our sports clubs focused on fitness, team sports, and competition, but we also encourage leadership, communication, discipline and inclusiveness in our teams.


Become Part

Let your child become part of a social activity

Life Lessons

Individual growth and leadership is always our focus


Enroll, Commit, Achieve

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Parent Testimonials

Ethan can’t talk about anything but the basketball. I never thought he would ever excercise, but now we can’t stop him.


Thank you so much

Honestly, I thought we were throwing you in the deep end with 45 children from our school. You somehow managed to get them to love the Active Kids program. Thank you for your effort, they are loving it.

Just so you know, Tiffani says she will be captain of your swim team soon. So get yourself ready, she’s determined to do this 🙂